If you are not satisfied with your endurance in sex, do not let it shake your confidence. We found the right solution for you! You can say goodbye to premature ejaculation and infamous “rabbit sex”, when a man ejaculate after only 60 to 90 seconds.  Find how to last longer in bed up to 12 times. You will be her hero, like a movie star.

Are you struggling with the problem of premature ejaculation? Do you have a problem to endure long enough to satisfy your partner? Do not worry. Your beloved will never be disappointed again and she’ll scream having multiple orgasms.

Two thirds of men fantasize about their sex act lasts as long as possible. Most of them can last in bed from 3 to 4 minutes.

Doctors all over the world decided to help them by developing special pills and devices for climax control.  A newly patented  program for  male sexual climax delay has an official medical certificate.

It is a small device that works on the principle of vibrators. You’ll get carefully designed plan for exercises with this special “male vibrator” and lubricant that has a mild anesthetic effect. The point of this exercises is to learn how to reduce sensitivity of the penis glans.

This is a principle that does the opposite of masturbation , which is the goal as quickly as possible to reach the orgasm. It is essential that man must not reach climax using this device.  By clicking the “start” button, a man should start to stimulate his penis, and just before the climax he must stay calm enough and hit the “stop” button. The whole process must be repeated few times, until one can abstain from ejaculation.

Can you believe that? I doubt. Wait, there’s more claims.

“I’m really pleased with the results achieved with the device. For six weeks I was able to improve my performance from 2 to incredible 15 minutes. My girlfriend was impressed.” – claims an anonymous buyer of this product on this website.

Doctors ensures that after six months of training two to three times a week, each man will turn into a real stallion.

For about $300, you must not complain. If you throw your money through  the window, you might make a right person happy. If you buy this device, you’ll make nobody happy (except manufacturer of this device).

Let me be frank. You don’t need this device. Premature ejaculation is not a big problem if you find a right solution. I’ll give you two real solutions of this problem:




DuraMale is a herbal pill which gives utmost satisfaction without any side effects. These pills prevent premature ejaculations and provide full control over this problem. This is 100% herbal remedy and it is safe and secure to use. Herbal ingredients have age old reputation in ancient methods of healing such as in Chinese and traditional ayurvedic medicines.





ProSolution Plus

Pills are safe solution for people suffering of mild to moderate erectile issues, premature ejaculation and/or low interest in sex. ProSolution Plus formula is doctor’s promised solution  that fighting premature ejaculation can be easy. Independent study shows improvement in premature ejaculation and erection issues,  improvement in sexual activity and function, and overall sexual satisfaction.

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This kind of review you can find on every web site made for selling  anti-premature ejaculation pills.

“My husband began to suffer from premature ejaculation before we became a couple . I do not find this as being a big problem , but I have to admit that I though was pretty frustrated . Your pills has done wonders! Finally we have sex like any other normal couples.”

Try ProSolution Plus or DuraMale pills. Read carefully and choose your kind of pills. Results are amazing. You can last longer in bed, for sure.